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Explore Venice through a honeycomb of canals on a gondola, passing underneath beautiful stone bridges. Soak up the breath-taking sights of St. Mark's Basilica and Rialto Bridge or just watch the Venetian world go by.
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Bauer L'Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Venice offering impeccable service that has made this hotel a favourite with celebrities for generations. The hotel building dates back to 1949 and its 91 rooms and 18 suites are all plush and pleasant with lots of velvet furniture and brocade upholstery. Bauer Hotels main entrance is on Campo San Moise, just a five-minute walk from St Mark's Square and a selection of elegant shops in Venice. The hotel also benefits from a canal entrance in Rio di San Moise, a small canal off Venice's Grand Canal, frequented by gondoliers throughout the summer.
Encompassing the true atmosphere of Venice, the hotel luxurious and spacious guest rooms and suites, all retaining a nostalgic charm, with beautiful early 40th and 50th century furnishings, perfectly blended with modern facilities and up-to-date technological innovation, accompanied by beautiful views of Venice. Guests can enjoy fine Venetian and Mediterranean cuisine, the hotel restaurant, “De Pisis” offers intimate gourmet dining, either indoors or on the terrace overlooking the Grand Canal. For more pampering, check into Il Palazzo, a former annex that's now a 44-room, 38-suite boutique lodging. Here, the luxury is super-discreet: Those wishing to stay incognito can slip in and out via private launch at the water entrance. An outstanding hotel that combines luxurious modern amenities with traditional Venetian style.
The best time to visit Venice is from late October through to May. The Venice Carnival takes place in January and February but it is best to avoid this period as the city tends to get overly crowded.
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Wander around the small alleyways in the central to northwest part of the main island. You'll find many surprises!
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